Bequia is best reached from the gateway international airport of Barbados. (Miami is 3 hours 30 minutes, Toronto is 4 hours, New York is 5 hours, London is 7 hours 30 minutes, Los Angeles is 9 hours). From here take a short connecting flight to  Bequia with SVG. (45-60 minutes, depending on whether it sets down passengers on another island on the way). Work is scheduled to be completed soon on a new international airport on St. Vincent which will make the journey more direct. (St Vincent is minutes on the SVG plane, or a 45 minute ferry ride or 20 minutes in a motor launch.)


Fly to Barbados with a connecting flight to Bequia.

Both Virgin Atlantic and British Airways fly from the UK. There's an easy connection with SVG Air. Check in is 1hr. before departure and the flight is only 45min. into Bequia's tiny airport.

Tel:  001 784 457 5124

Fax: 001 784 457 5077

Grenadine Airways (SVG and Mustique Airways) are good at getting people to their destinations on the right day but sometimes weight constraints mean that they leave luggage behind, bringing it the following day. So  we advise packing medicines and a change of clothes/swimsuit in your hand luggage. The airline also recommends attaching a yellow ribbon to luggage for easy identification in Barbados airport. SVG Air are very helpful and efficient.


Or, fly to Barbados with a connecting LIAT flight to St Vincent,

Take a taxi to the ferry and a 45 minute crossing will bring you into Port Elizabeth, Bequia. The LIAT flights are regular from around 8.30am until 8.10pm.

Tel:  001 784 457 1821

Fax: 001 784 457 2000


But depending on the international flight arrival time,

at certain times of year there can be an overnight stay in St.Vincent involved. The last ferry is around 18.00pm. We recommend The Cobblestone, Kingstown to be near the ferry. Or stay at The Paradise Beach Hotel at Villa, 5min from the airport and 10min from Kingstown.

Tel: 001 784 456 1937

Tel: 001 784 570 0000

If this is the case, alternatively you can chose to spend a night in Barbados and catch the SVG Airways flight the following day, direct to Bequia. The SVG flights to Bequia are usually around 13.30pm and 16.30pm with check in an hour before.


Ferry Companies:

A regular and efficient ferry service operates the 55min journey between Bequia and Kingstown, St. Vincent.

Call to check the time-table as it can change.

Tel: 001 784 457 3539

Tel: 001 784 458 3348

For a swift transfer from the ferry dock in St Vincent you can opt to hire a 32 ft motor launch with cabin, but the cost in fuel renders this a more expensive option than the ferry, between USD 600 to USD 800. Recent scheduling changes with the airlines have caused connection problems with the last scheduled ferry. Michael Bynoe can pick you up in St. Vincent and carry you to Bequia to avoid overnight charges at a hotel if you have come in with LIAT Air. Get a group together and arrive Bequia the same day.

Call Michael Bynoe for rates  Tel: 001 (784) 455 1154


Airport Departure

Airport Departure On leaving the islands of Bequia or St. Vincent at the airport a departure tax of EC$100 (about US$37) per person is payable to customs.


Bequia Taxis

Rudy Tel: 001 784 5309627

Raleigh Bynoe of Jump in Taxis Tel: 001 784 593 3631

Noel Ollivierre Tel: 001 784 458 3064

Alvin Ollivierre Tel: 001 784 458 3356


Dollar buses, taxis and water taxis

 These lively, often crowded and closed vehicles are the cheapest way to travel the island. It's always wise to negotiate the fare before the trip. Taxis can always be picked up under the  shade of the Almond Tree in central Port Elizabeth. Water taxis on the dock at the Frangipani or Gingerbread docks.


Bequia Jeep Rental

 We recommend renting a vehicle/jeep during your stay for exploring the island, its beaches and restaurants. A licence must be acquired at the Revenue Building in Port Elizabeth opposite the ferry (ensure you have your current license with you).

Noel Ollivierre's Car rental service. Cell: (784) 593 7222 or Tel (784) 458 3064

Raleigh Bynoe Jump in Taxis (784) 593 3631

Philmore McIntosh (784) 458 3304


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